Excel – Macros

What is Excel Macro?

Repeated, predefined tasks are very common in the business process or reporting domain. One can program the steps to be performed like a Robot programming and ask Excel to execute it. Excel comes with an automation interface laced with Visual Basics so that a programmer writes set of instructions which can be run infinite number of times. Interestingly Excel also comes with record coding feature with which one can start learning macros and eventually become a good programmer.

  • Who can learn?

    Suitable for Team Leads, Business Analysts, Analysts, Software Developers, Mid and Higher-level Management, Excel Enthusiasts

  • What do I Learn?

    Visual Basic programming, process automation, programming logic, thinking in terms of automation, Programming syntax, procedures, functions, hands on case studies.


Software Development Life Cycle
VB(Visual Basic) v/s VBA(Visual Basic for Application)
Brief Computer Architecture
Computer Program - Compiler, Interpreters
Brief Introduction to MS Office
Brief Introduction to MS Excel
Brief Introduction to Data Base
Writing Flow chart
Computer Programs
Programming Concepts - Logic - Syntax
Tour of VBE (Visual Basic Editor)
Code Window, Project Window, Properties Window
Introduction to Module, User forms and Class
Writing First Program
Recording Macro
Absolute Recording; Relative Recording
Constraints in Naming the Macro
What are comment lines? and why is it required?
Short cut keys
Executing Recorded Macro, Editing the Macro, Debugging the macro
Macro Security
Running Macros from Code Window, Excel etc;
If..Else conditional Statement, Nested ifs
Select Cases
For Loop & For each loop - Do While Loop
Cells, Active Cells, Range, Used Range, Sheet, Worksheet, Workbook, Active Workbook, This Workbook, Applications
Program Structure
Input Box
File Dialogue Box
What is Sub? Function?
What is Function Definition?
Difference between Procedure & Function?
Procedure calling procedure, Procedure calling Function, Function calling procedure, Function calling Function
User Defined Excel Function
Built-in VBA function. Ucase, Lcase,
Immediate Window
Variables? Importance of Variable?
Different types of Variables
Option Explicit, Option Base etc
Public Variable, Private Variable, Local Variable, Global Variable
Scope of Variable
Public, Private functions
Writing Programs in multiple Modules
Arrays (Static, Dynamic, Redim, Preserve
Workbook and Worksheet Events
User Forms
End To End Automation - Hands on Experience

Course Features

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  • Duration 28 Hrs
  • Students 45
  • Certificate Yes
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